The price of the five-day module Master Expert is united for all cities of the Russian Federation. It is 35000 rubles. We will report about all changing the price for up to 6 month on our site.
The duration of one module is five days. The complete set consists of 3 modules (15 days).

Why do you need to finish all modules?

The modules are 3 steps in your training each of which has the aim to develop your skills in an incremental manner. Even if you are a professional master with long-term experience we recommend finishing all modules to miss no nuances or techniques which you face on the next modules. We can read the reviews about the courses here. It is necessary to finish all three modules for the maximum effect.

When can I take back my money?

After finishing courses you will be a high-class specialist and be able to raise your earning. If you have never hair you will be able to get a job as a hairdresser in a prestigious salon and start your brilliant career of a hairdresser. Dont put off till tomorrow your successful future and sign up for the courses right now!

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I was lucky to attend the UKSUSOFF EDUCATION courses of  Victor Uksucov and to be a model in . Sochi. As a model I say the haircut looks tidy anytime!!!  and it doesnt require the styling !!!As a beginner master I want to confirm these courses are very informative and have an accessible format! Dear colleagues! If UKSUSOFF EDUCATION  is in your city and you dont attend these courses you lose!!! P.s Viktor and ...



For five day of studying I have learnt as much as, I havent learnt for one year of studying and for five years of working. The previous haircuts of my clients have shown me that there had been a lot of deficiencies in the technique of haircutting.  Now I can say with confidence every woman will be thrilled and haircuts will keep their shapes a bit longer (+also haircuts will be more stylish) and it is not all, we will have upgrading in April!!!...

Pereverzeva Ludmila


CHANGE NOT ONLY YOURSELF BUT YOUR ATTITUDE TO YOUR PROFESSION .  Fantastic teachers, wonderful atmosphere. 

Serzhanova Svetlana

Dmitriev, Kursk region

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